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Talon Zippers

At Talon, we're proud of our history as the original American zipper and we're building on it with the same innovative spirit. Today's Talon is global, creative, and responsive. The world's leading apparel companies and designers call on Talon for premium, fashion-forward, cost-effective zippers. From our reinvention of the classic jeans zipper to custom-designed pulls, Talon products are relevant, stylish, and ahead of the curve. That inventiveness extends to our global sales, product development and distribution system; experienced technical and creative teams; value pricing; and total flexibility in delivery and special orders. We're guided in this effort by our parent company, Talon International, a full-service trim supplier known for its revolutionary approach to trim management.

Talon Zippers and Fasteners Talon is the worlds original zipper company founded in 1893. Talon was the inventor of the zipper and went on to pioneer many of the innovations common in zippers today. Talon is a high quality zipper that delivers superior service and value. Talon became part of the Talon International family in 2001 since then, the brand has expanded its manufacturing and distribution profile throughout Asia.

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